Monday, 5 January 2015

Pregnant with lies

the serenity of indulgent of communication
the elly tha flaunts outside with pretence
is like a movies without ad brakes
i could have given you more than i haad

but you chose another in my place
you little secrets were revieled
you hired you friend to seduce me
to test my faithfulness to you

the game that you were playng back fired on you
slowly but slowly she was falling for me
untill she conversed all you lies and schemes
you were pregnant with your boss child

you friend was in love with me
the pressure was too much for you
your friends left you because of the evil inside you
you lies tasted like grape juice smelting on a dry trought

that could quiench the thirsty
but now that everything is in the light
you have no husband and friends
alone with a fake pregnancy in a dark hole

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