Thursday, 3 September 2015

Man born to lead , . . . . . . . in what sense

We are born to lead the mass
we command respect more than money its self
but we are delusional sometimes
our forefathers mislead us
that we can take things by force
but it said we are nothing without a woman
Humanly we cry behind closed doors

we are hurt emotionally
society taught us to be strong no matter what
they had forgotten we are not perfect
responsibilities we have sometimes are hard to bare
woman completes us
Promises we make to people we cannot honor them

ambitions that control us blinded us in the process
greediness corrupted our minds
since we are inventors of most things
desires we have are out of control
we cannot blame others for our stupidity
Most significant things is that we are afraid of being alone

being a man does not make us an island
hearsay is one thing we have to demolished in our thoughts
we got to educate our self with facts not opinions
first things is to admit when we are wrong
choices are plenty for us to choose
Us being violent has to stop

being egoistic jacks and have too much pride has to end
stop indulging much on alcohol thinking it will solve our problems
got to communicate more and treat people equal
if we want to lead the population
the question remains to where are we taking them?

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