Thursday, 15 October 2015

Let me be your personal clock

                      When I cannot sweep you of your feet
                      due to my physical appearance
                      my emotional and abundant love can suffice you
                      I look poor on the outside
                      I can give you riches that can sustain you eternity

                     I never meant to fall for you
                     was buried underneath your skin
                     show composure of beautiful things
                     i can make you smile and make you sorrows go away
                     shelter you from debts and give you prosperity
                     clothes i have may be torn or dirty
                     i may have been sleeping on the streets and broke
                    you will never hear lies from my lips
                    every inch and outs of my body can deliver promises made
                    be you knight and shinning defender

                   these words you hear today can be turned into platinum
                   hopes and dreams are possible
                   i can help be be gorgeous more than swan in white
                   money will be a fountain you can lie on it
                   a chance to be your  own personal clock

                  even if Rome was not build on one day
                  i will make you own dreams come true in days
                 your troubles will be my burden to carry
                 your anguish will be my pleasure to bare
                 your laughter will be mt treasure to carry 
                 just for a single chance to be yours

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