Monday, 19 October 2015

. . . . . . . . . .travelers ...>>>.

The pain of greediness
The empty apartment
the fancy cars and two time friends
the money spender and stress free life

are these blessing or cursed
gorgeous woman every night
and empty vessel all alone
a champions lie and a deceitful mouth
all the luxury and wealth to spend

but alone with out friends or family
undercover master mind of seduction
journey of life is meaningless alone
those we find our self surrounded by them are the most
precious treasure that we found.

drinking daily in a fancy house
was the coldest moment of truth
what really does change a person?
money or cars?
woman or fame?

the honest truth is that we are consume with pride
nothing does change us
since we are our own worst enemies
we tend to forget who we are.
where do we originate from?

is it our parents or grandparents faults?
the answer is no
the did all that is necessary for us to progress
we enslave our self with wrong full desire
also we love those shameless and wrong friends
we are only just travelers passing by.

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