Thursday, 29 October 2015

hi . .. . . . . .

This was a beginning of something great
I had lost in my hour of longing
I settled for second best
back then i told myself  i was not your type
rich guys was who you wanted

I become your best friend
to be you armor and savior
I could not lose you all together
all these passing by just being a friend
The deep down secret was sacrificial

When I find out you were expecting
Everything thing shattered inside me
Like a fountain without streams of water
I was a mute form that time

This is not a letter of regret
I felt like writing this in my own diary
like a movie scripts I find myself stuck
hopeful the one you have will embrace you

Share in your set back and success
that I no longer had the place in your heart
I seal this message with a joyful tear
Knowing that your new family is making you happy

All the wealthy I have it is for you
I have taken pleasure in being called your bodyguard
Those tiny moments has all accomplish my dream
you can have it all my lawyer will read the will
which gives you all that belonged in my empire

I am a fool who settled for being you best friend forever
Your spell worked wondrous in my aching heart
I choose to be you errant boy over everything
Since I don’t have much my heart has taken worst-
Pain which is incurable.

All that had taken place it was for a good reason

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