Monday, 30 November 2015

The way you are

You are the most gorgeous and prettiest woman alive
That’s what visible to the outside world
it opened the doors of treasure for you
it gave you new identity and new friends
hope you can completely trust your heart

I said I love you and 5 minutes late retracted it
being too beautiful changed you
money made you look down on me
that’s made you lie in bed with the devil
it bounded you to it

I am not in love with your beauty
I am in love with the inner you
even if you have blade scars in your face I will still do
even if you are unrecognizable in the mirror and you don’t see yourself
I will still do see you, I found my heart captured by you

Also without fame or make up
I can bare this life with you
let us escape this fantasy life
and live a reality life
where we can be truthful us

That five minutes I retracted I take it back
let me just say this magical words
they don’t need whisper only honesty
I love you more than my job and money
you are the woman I have been searching
now that I found you
“will you marry me”

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