Monday, 7 December 2015

Begging for Second Chance

Hey I want to apologize for abandoning you
leaving you for 5 years alone
in a big mansion without kids or anyone
I let myself be tempted by the wrong things
I went after prostitutes to satisfy my wants

I did not want to hurt you, that’s why I lied about it
attending a course far away from you
I went after what I wanted not what not what I need
alcohol became my new best friends
lies became my belt around the waste

Cheating became my source of honesty
I know that half million cheque I left behind for you
could bring back the lost of time
I should have  told you as soon as I started having those desires
if I could share those with you my pillar who else could it have been?

now I come looking like a box of coffin
for you to take me back in your arms
I don’t have the right to say this
when you cheated I had given you a second chance
all I am asking is the same courtesy

I am man enough to admit my guilt
I was wrong to take you away from you parents
just to abandon you alone to stare into the door
worrying all this years if I am okay
you turned grey before your time

All of this is my fault
if I could turn back the time I would
no matter how weird the song my sound
I am sorry for the wrongs I have done to you
I love you, and I beg for your forgiveness

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