Saturday, 13 February 2016

Even if i cannot buy you those . . . . . . . . . .

I don't believe in celebrating another person
valentine or Valentino? I never met the dude in my life
me and you we are not fakes
while the whole world celebrates a month

This is from me to you the whole year is a month of love
I cannot show my love affection in a month for you
we are two people with different background
how can I buy for you the jewellery to fill the house than any

and have no one to compliment you with

my love is like a rainbow covering you soul
deeper than any other ocean
each year is a season of my love
I want to be the one who will cook for you
massage your feet each and every day

my love for you has no haughtiness.
to give you special gifts only in this month
I have to shower you with presents every day of you life
whispering love words on your ears
going with you on a straw to the park

what good is to have all these material things and still be alone
love has no boundary or limitations
sorry I had to write these words to you,
you are my guide to lost route
the only soul refuge for my troubled life.

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