Friday, 26 February 2016

Apologies for telling (sweet little liars)

In the news papers they say you don’t get until you lose everything
I thought I could get away with it all.
You were the one who made me do it
I was in love with two identities of a single person.

All along it was you showing me that lying was the wrong cause
time could have made me escape invading your privacy.
Appreciating the moments that we spend on the roof,
it's only the memories left of what could have been.
I could not stand firm in the truth and relationship boundaries.
I blame it on alcohol and the devil
making them famous for what they have never done to me,
I am so remorseful for had wasted your time,
apologise for saying I was with the guys all the time.
While I was supposed to be getting cozy with only you.
I even lied to myself unaware of the monster I have been,
Sorry for starting to drink on your watch.

I am so shameless for saying you are the one who turned me into an alcoholic.
I am repented for all the frustration I took to you and your mother.
I have learned from my mistake and invading people privacy.
on my bended knees I bare my face in shame,
humbly asking you to accept my apology for telling you lies

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