Monday, 29 February 2016


I roam around the streets every night
finding a fix for my wasted life
I live my life on a bogus fast line
petrified by my own existence.

Neighbors gossip about m all day
my enemies pretend to be my friends
drowning my life in a bottle, bring them joy
I am the enemy within me.

Being a drunkard and with no hobbies.
Has turned into a hobo
my close allies have turned me into a public mockery
my priest has curved my being into Sunday summons.

Alexander gaze in the mirror?
“Don’t let your sat back, make you sit back, you can come back.”
There is a lot of potential and dedication
that need the right time to be unlocked.
where they’re dreams the is hope for tomorrow.

When they use their mouth to spread lies and rumors
let your action be the shining light for you,
life is about face the consequence
I have had enough of hiding into the bottles.

Forget about the success you had couple years back
it is time to repent and reform from the melancholy
by removing the fossils that held my life back
A fresh start in the same place is the best tonic
consumption and cowardly to living can solve anything
but supplication and determination is the key to a happy life

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