Wednesday, 30 March 2016


It fills you up like a sour juice
It becomes hard to swallow
good traits vanquish in a instant moment
small conversion brings up rage that boiled inside
that were not resolved or discussed

I heard that it was over between us
due to neglect our relationship
but when I saw him holding your hand.
I cursed you and called you names
blaming you for talking me like a fool

If I could not get you, no one deserved you also.
Although I emotionally abused you for a period of time
I was not there when hails and heavy storm where at the door
compliment I never gave you, the new guy filled you with laughter
that’s when I saw you had white teeth as snow

Every boy that I saw chatting with you     
I followed them I beat them to a pulp and let after that
I later realized I was not in love with you anymore
but I was obsessed with you and hearing you name

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