Thursday, 9 February 2017

Showing appreciation

Even though you took me for a stalker the first time.
Sorry for having your numbers.
I knew once you gave me a chance.
Your world was going to be different and new.
Although you have never met me face to face.

I wanted to be that shoulder you cry on?
That person you could share secrets with.
I did not want to replace your boyfriend or family.
I wanted to be that special friend of time of need.
Daily I know life keeps throwing obstacles in your way.

I believe in you that you will reach your destination in style.
I pray for you to have enough strength to face anything.
I am no angel or prince.
Not even a poet just a man with imperfections.

Just want to be your sunshine in the morning.
Your comedian when you need a laughter.
Your doctor when you I'll.
Your confident in time for talks.
I am showing appreciation to you.
No matter who you are? know that you have a friend in me.
Thanks for having me as a friend.
You are highly esteemed to be part of

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