Thursday, 9 February 2017

Only minutes

It takes a minute to crush on someone.
It takes an hour to like a person.

It takes a day to love someone.
But it takes forever to forget him.

A friend is someone that without uttering a word after you leave, you fill like it was the best day you had.

It's not until we lose it that we miss it.
But you never know happiness until that one friend shows you the wonder of being cared and love.
What's the point of having it all unless you have that one thing that makes you whole.

It takes stupidity to cheat and five minutes to enjoy the lust. 
But it takes you a lifetime to be alone and miss what could have been.

Never take for granted those small things people share with you.
Those memories are for a lifetime.
If you stay in a company of four millionaires you become the fifth one.
But if you stay with three fools and you will become the fourth one.
Return love to the one handing you one.

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