Thursday, 9 February 2017

To the beautiful mind

Even though the world says you are young petite and ebony.
You are beautiful in your own skin.
You are mature in my eyes.
You will hear negative words outside.
You will succumb to pressure and negativity 

You are your own woman in your rights
You can decide on your own.
You have feelings and a fragile heart.
Although some might advise you in a good way but you hold the final one.
I have seen the most gorgeous woman around the world but have never seen a humble soul like you.

I know I am older than you but the matter of the heart are between two people.
Every time I talked with you my heart skips a beat.
My friend tells me what am I waiting for.
I tell them I want you to be ready emotional for something with me.

Your maturity attracts me each time.
Your smile makes me weak on my knees.
Your laughter sends me heart to a cardio rest.
I lie awake at night thinking about you. 

Wondering if it's possible for the two of us.
In this cruel world.
You will hear rumors that have never existed.
Peer pressure will be on your shoulders to turn me down.
The question is if your hearts want what will you say?

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