Friday, 11 November 2016

I will never abandoned you,

Your tears tell of a tale not yet understood,
The pain in your eyes paint your struggles.
Your smile reveals secrets yet to be exploited.
Your compassion explain why its hard to move on.
If I shed tears for you?
Will you grant me a favour?
Should I return home with my tears.
Will knowing your secrets get me closer to you?
Run to me when ever your lonely.
Come to me when you need a shoulder to learn on.
Put your worries in my pocket,
Abandoning you is like forsaking my own life.
I will never tell you a lie
I will be the only one who will forever be around to shine for you in your darkest hour.
It my seem I lost my mind
But mt craziness its because of you,
If you seek the moon, I will rock up in the sky to bring for you.
I will sell my soul to release you from chain.
If you can believe in me
I will grant you heaven if you stay in my arms.
Because your friendship had given me deeper meaning to you.
I will crawl to the fire for you,
Cause abandoning you will be the end of me.

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