Sunday, 6 November 2016

Blessing turned into Curse

When inner circles crumbles down
flirting it’s the only outcome
when childhood friendship turns into foe
love meant for one is divided into two
household money is used for illicit things
Enemies are cheering your downfall
when my love is not enough to you
it took only a week to end a four-year thing
when my soul shed tears of betrayal
only I thought my hand fitted yours
Hoped you were the one I can share a future with
you were only sleeping with me
but you shared your fears and dreams with a stranger
I loved you with all my heart
younger brother words stole your heart
When I saw your glowing face when you heard his name
I admitted to my heart I was losing you
but the manipulator was not into you
he was after revenge of unfinished sibling fight
you played and dumped me your future husband
you were played with your emotion and heart
The blessings and warmth you received from me
even If you missed me body and soul
you will die alone in the blasting cold of being played.
I prayed for my heart to be by your side
know the love that turned into curse through flirting

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