Wednesday, 3 August 2016

I missed that person

That said write a book and I will edit it,
If you crack a joke I will laugh at it,
If you play a beat I'll dance to it
Who words where like soothing remedy,
Who's friendship I value more than wealth.

Those words inspired me when I locked down in a dark pit
Where did she goes to
I searched the whole world but there is no ounce of her trace
I keep wondering is she married
Does she have children

Are all her wishes fulfilled
Is she still loving as she was back then.
I wish I could turn the clock backwards.
When she told me those words I took them like a joke.
Later I realised they took a lot for her to utter those words.
I am left stranded without her address.

The gap that has opened they offer me no sleep at night.
The truth was that my eyes got opened later in life.
Only remains I have are the words that she left recorded on my mind,
"If you jump I will catch you at the bottom of the sea",
"If you are trap will sacrifice myself for you to be free"
So don't take anything for granted in this short space of time,
All the relationship are important whether years started or the just got off the ground.

Value those who sees potentially in you,
Tomorrow nobody knows what's in store for us.

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