Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Man fear

I wanted you to hear all the unsaid words
What happened to our perfect?
our hearts bleed of fear
we are scare to left alone
As the loneliness inside is killing us

bulling gives comfort
beating woman make us feel secure?
but loving is like sickness
once we have and lose we complete become insane
jealous is the instrument playing on our mind

our palms never got to read the full story
we are left wondering if we would ever
admit that we are weak
that the story been told will ever have a final chapter
Cheating is a record that keeps playing in our thoughts

we are scared and afraid of our inner thought
if we are given a chance we love externally and internally
betrayal to us becomes a sign to kill
the thought of being alone scares us as we know how it is
no memories to store upon them or generation to appear

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