Friday, 8 August 2014


The sorrow that clause out of the wardroobe
The naked cat came out of the closet
misery that follows you like sickness
you came by like an innocent new born

The price that you cold have avoided
was just telling the trueth
you could blink an eye when comfronted with the ordeal
my trust to you got tarnished when you lied to me

cheating and lying claiming your love was just your cousin
how had the nerve to have a cousin after i took you as an orphan
where was your cousin all along?
where was here while you were lying in a ICU?
where all of a sudden he comes when i am at work?

you betrayal was worse than being stabbed with a knife
calling your lover a cousin?
now that there is only you and me is better for me
to untie these chains around my neck
to let you go for the shame you caused me

you are unworthy cheating me with you lover(cousin)
taking me for granted letting me to believe i was the problem
but all along you were living an immoral life
enjoying the fruit of sin and slavery
putting your lust a head of you men
it is overy i am sorrow for the time i wasted on you

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