Thursday, 14 August 2014

Stop the Blaming

can keep staring at the windows
if we stop depending on people
we can be free to spread our wings
take a chance on change
will never forget those who we love

nothing is for ever and some point it will end
even on maariages it said untill death do us apart
it is and eternal thing or process that will end
stop blaming how could he/she brake my heart?
after all the love and effort i put in this relationship

if you did not who was suppose to do it for you?
the problems lies within us love,laughter and sorrows
if we take responsibility of things that happen will be free
braking the bondage of blaming and being free
i love you like no other if you get tired of me and dump me
why will i kill myself for someone i found in this world

remember we are came alone in this world will leave the same way we come
if you can kill yourelf for another you were living in your fantasy world
it is time we stood and face reality and have realistic expectation
how can she do this to me?
we are all imperfect humans if you had realistic expectation and talked abou it.
you could have never sulked on it and blame others.

stop bringing house hold problems to work or take out on inoccent lookers.
take a leap of faith and brake away
new begins have less expectation
take a risk and try and find love it will bring its self to you
be you and live younger stress free
because the is so much pain that time cant erase

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