Thursday, 24 July 2014

We Need To talk

we have been eyeing each other for months
chance presented its self
Thought you mine
I look in your eyes
your gaze never went down

when it was time to talk
you blaze with anger asking me why talk private?
This was not a public matter
if you came to the side
you could have felt my heart beat

i had your number but could call you
you will want me one day
you will need me and i will not be there
This feelings are no dying anytime soon
they grow each day like a flammable flame

can you recognize its the hunger only you can fill
how can i do when i dream of you every night
I like to have you all the time
kissing your lips and holding you are a breath away
why would you if a held your hand and sat you down
and recite a poem for you

what if a song i sang for you could make a difference
why i feel the is too much pressure on me
i tried killing this emotional feelings every time
can you recognize that only you can sat me free
I will like to call you one day
you will need me to save you sometime

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