Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I cry because of the memories we had
i cry because i missed you sleeping beside me
i cry at night because fear sneak at me daily
you not beside me to tell me its okay only a dream

I cry as i hide myself in public because i am ashamed
i cry because i let you sleep away because of my insecurities
i cry because my friend lied to me about you
i cry because i did not listen to my heart

My arrogance let me alone in this cold house
I cry because i did not appreciate you
i cry because someone else took my lucky charm from me
i cry as i see you passing by the road shinning there outside my house

I cry that i love you but could express it
i cry as i cold had said i love million time to show your worth
I cry as you were a unique human being who understood me
i cry as i am hopeless and jealous of not having you

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