Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Promise

what if i miss the time we shared
will it be a crime for me to come
or will you shut me dawn like before
or has the promise we made gone away

or am i to late to make you mine again
has the world evolved in you mind like a bush
regreting the time we had will not change anything
the world will know that i'll be what you want

cause you will always be the first and the last
the i commited myself to for all time to come
but the time we apart i grew more missing you more
cause forgiveness is far from your heart

i will never want somebody to love cause you my heart
would not love her as she deserved to be loved
even if she is out there nothing can replace you love in my heart
i dedicated to be you blanket in cold wind
you shinning sun if windy days
you healer when you ill and helpless

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