Friday, 2 March 2012

The Eyes

u said give me the eyes that shows inside the heart
i gave you words that comfotered you at night
like a chain around your neck you had my love
cause you wanted it that way

you waited for me to be the one who will cherish you
like baby i followed you every where
i ended up in a lion den
you slowly lead me to death

i'll though i was out of reach but not of time
i gave you the name that made you smile as you thought about me
i gave you life that was more than riches combine
i gave you support more than a mother gives for her child

but all the progress i made was in vain
cause you life was to have riches
even if it meant you had to sacrifice you one and only husband
the only friend you had in you weak moments

selfish desire that you kept hidden inside you lead the only
person who was there for you to his dead
but for you it was a triumph that you wanted so much
you had the heart to sell you mother for something
that does not last you had no friends cause you
were not appreciatable of good things

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