Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Dream

how a dream got shattered in you eyes
how a dream come close to being fulfilled
evil ambitions put your hopes away
sinful thoughts could do you any good

you were searching the whole world for
something that was in front of your eyes
you were afraid to admit the person you were looking
for was already in front of you

but he was a friend a brother to you
but deep inside his heart was burning with love for you
also you saw the feeling was greater than what it was before
you had fallen in love with a friend it was the dream you had
for so long hidden in your heart

like a ghost you tormented your self with a liar
the one who could have given you everything you desired was in front
you like a fool you convinced yourself it was not true
but as you saw him walking with a lady you heart was filled with rage
but you could make that dream reality it killed you slowly
inside seeing him with another person

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