Tuesday, 3 July 2012


For all these days we have been together
I witnessed firsthand what to love you meant
I loved you first glance I adored you the minute I saw you
I praise you in my family household
How warm are you hands and love
how gentle and patient your love is
I bared my heart and soul as I dedicate myself
to love you only on any trials may come our way
I will endure hardship just to show my love is genuine
I’ll give up my previous state and made new with you constant
patience and forgiveness and the love you have
I rather give my life away if I ever cheat on you
because you hands invented me in
your smile swept me away to your heart
I rather be bold and ugly if I’ll ever shed a tear from your eyes
you pain and sickness will be a lament for me
your problems and mine will lead God guide us through them
the trials we may face and carry them from your shoulders
in your weak moments I’ll be the strength that will carry you off
The bond we have heard will grow stronger
the troubles we are having will give God to off load it from us
the cherish and glorious days will have will invite God in our life

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